Attention Women with ADHD! This FREE 1.5-Hour Exclusive Workshop Reveals...

How to Get Stuff Done as a
Woman with ADHD

Without buying more planners, creating more alarms
OR diving into the shame spiral!

Fucking Little Tasks

ADHD Body Double & Mastermind

Call Schedule:
Sun 4:30pm PST
Mon 6:30pm PST
Tues 9:00am PST
Wed 1:30pm PST
Thurs 9:00am PST
Fri 9:00am PST

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Do you struggle with...

  • "adulting"
  • ​Getting bored opening bills, misplacing them and then having to pay the late fees
  • Completing mundane tasks
  • ​Knowing where to start
  • ​Forgetting to send out invoices
  • ​Completing admin tasks
  • ​Being super early or constantly running late to meetings (or both)
  • ​Reading texts, responding in your mind and then the person on the other end being frustrated you never responded

Whether you are...

  • Diagnosed or undiagnosed
  • ​The girls, the gays, the theys and of course the boys! (aka EVERYONE)
  • A student, a recent graduate, someone who's been in your career/ business for a while, or whether you're looking to retire in the next 5-15 years
  • ​Someone who's been good at what you do, yet still struggles to stay on top of all of your shit
  • ​Learning how to manage your ADHD in the workplace, beginning the journey of working for yourself, or have long been in business for yourself

This program is designed to help you create...

  • Space to finish those fucking little tasks.
  • ​A fun environment with a dope ass group of people to get this shit done.
  • Structure! The calls will be at the same time every week.
  • ​Systems! If you are struggling with where to begin or deciding what is a priority, a coach will be there to guide you through it.
  • Friendships! If you are looking to connect with other ADHDers, you may find yourself developing new friendships in this container with people who get it.

Even if you've already tried...

  • Buying 700 planners and not using a single one
  • ​Countless different tactics to sustain structures and organization in your life
  • Watched hundreds of YouTube videos on how to stay organized and on top of your shit.

I want you to know that it is NOT your fault that you have yet to figure out how to "adult"

By locking in on these outcomes, you become capable of...

  • Following through with tasks
  • Completing scheduling for YOUR brain so that it works FOR you and you can show up on time ready to go
  • Feeling lighter because the weight of the fucking little tasks are no longer weighing on your shoulders
  • ​Connecting with like-minded people who get it
  • ​having an incredibly successful week

I get it, completing these Fucking Little Tasks can seem unthinkable.

But I'm here to tell you that it is entirely possible!

About Jess

In 2008, I walked into class like it was any normal day. This was an education class I needed for my music ed degree. I sat down in my regular spot ready to take notes on that day's lecture.

Strange things started to occur. Someone was vacuuming in the hallway. I chalked that up to it being an evening class.

The lights kept flickering on and off.

People seemed to be moving around more than normal, getting up to throw away trash and sneezing loudly.

Someone even had an Aflak duck and kept making it go off, "AFLAK!"

The professor seemed to be going through the slides rapidly. I could barely keep up.



I was vigorously writing, trying to keep up.


"Did the professor just get faster?!" I thought.

I threw my pen on the table, crossed my arms, and sat back in my chair.

"What is going on?" I thought.

After a few more moments, the professor stopped. He looked at us and said, (People with ADHD) "It's not that they can't pay attention, it's that they pay attention to EVERYTHING."

My mind was blown. Everything I had ever been taught was that people with ADHD couldn't sit still and couldn't pay attention. This more nuanced understanding started me down a path of intrigue and curiosity.

Every person I encountered that had ADHD thereafter, I would ask a bazillion questions. I was so fascinated with how our brains could work so differently.

I even started coming up with a theory (back in like 2010) that people with ADHD came across as picky eaters because it was one sensory thing they could have more control over. Constantly having a barrage of sensory items overloading the system, they could at least control what was going in their mouths.

I seemed to start attracting ADHDers into my space. I became friends with them, lived with them, and even married one for a time. (He and I are still friends and you can even read about it if you want in my book, I Don't Hate My Ex-Husband).

Fast forward to 2020. I had just moved to Oregon from Ohio and was living with two roommates who have ADHD. One of them kept asking me when I was going to be doing my workshop on ADHD.

I didn't understand why she was so insistent on it at first. I DON'T have ADHD.

But then I started to realize how much I was teaching her about her OWN ADHD and even teaching a few of my other friends about theirs.

In 2021, I hosted my first Unapologetically ADHD workshop and it was a success!

Ever since then, I dove head first into working with ADHDers.

Did you know? Jess...

  •  has a degree in music education and has been playing the flute since she was ten years old
  • ​lived in South Korea for a year to teach English to children ages 5-12
  • used to be heavily involved in evangelical Christianity and was essentially a missionary for three years on a college campus in Indiana. (She now considers her self spiritual without any association to the church)
  • ​is from Northeast Ohio, growing up about 45 minutes outside of Cleveland in a rural area. She currently resides in Portland.
  • ​has her coaching certification through the Hendricks Institute.

Meet the Team

Morris DuBose

Morris DuBose

ADHDer, eXvangelical, storyteller, actor: these are just a few words to describe Morris. He is incredible at supporting people. Say the words, "I'm stuck..." and watch the wheels turn as he examines the problem from all angles, landing with great solutions to support you moving forward. 

Morris DuBose

Elijah Sandoval

Fellow ADHDer, student, brilliant, etc. Elijah is an epic human who has a heart to love, support and care for people. They are on a mission to support others through their secondary education journeys. They are an incredible person to be around.

Morris DuBose

Julia Orban

Fellow ADHDer, mom, student, wife, active community member. Julia's intuition is INCREDIBLE. She's the one you go to when you need to network. She has so many connection! Julia loves to connect people to the support they need. And she is an incredible advocate. Her heart for others is magnificent.

 Hear How Others ADHDers Just Like You Have Been Impacted By Fucking Little Tasks

Another huge thing that I love about that program is that, I can get help with a lot of neurodivergent specific needs that I have. So like, if there's something that I've been struggling with for a long time, there's other people who are also part of the program who...have ideas of like things that I can do differently or apps that I can try out or, just products that I can buy that will make my life easier and that things that are just like neurodivergent friendly.


I think for me it's been really great to have a space to connect with other people like me, not feel so crazy.


TESTIMONIAL: "I get more done in an hour with Jess than when I'm left to my own devices for five hours."
TESTIMONIAL: "Jess gets it. She gives me space to do the thing now before I forget.'
TESTIMONIAL: "Working with Jess is one of the best things! One of her sayings is 'All of you is welcome here' and I 100% feel that every time. She is such a loving and giving and amazingly non-judgmental human being. It is an ABSOLUTE blessing to work with her and be part of a group where I know that I am NOT ALONE!"
Is this coaching?
No, while there may be a few coaching moments within the hour, this is not a coaching container. This space is held to get those Fucking Little Tasks done.

If you need some guidance or need to talk something through, there is space to do that as well with Jess or one of her associates and/or the other group members. 

However, once a month, Jess will host a group coaching call where there will be "hot seat coaching". This means you will have about ten minutes to get some coaching around a question or situation. It's great to receive that coaching and also to witness others who are being coached. 
How many people will be on the call?
It varies from week to week and call to call. Sometimes there's one. Sometimes there's seven. It will evolve over time.
When are the calls?
Sundays at 4:30pm PST 
Mondays at 6:30pm PST 
Tuesdays at 9:00am PST 
Wednesdays at 1:30pm PST 
Thursdays at 9:00am PST
Fridays at 9:00am PST

You are welcome to come to as many calls as you would like!

The Group Coaching Call will be held once a month on the first Sunday of the Month.
What is Marco Polo?
Marco Polo is a video messaging app. Here you get to be connected to a community on a daily basis. You can use it to keep yourself accountable, share your wins, and talk to other ADHDers just like you!
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You can cancel at anytime! No pressure to stay. This is an ADHD friendly space.

All sales are final and there are no refunds for months already purchased. 

Contact with any questions or concerns.
What if I forgot about the meeting?
This is an ADHD friendly space! You will get an automatic text reminder leading up to the call. Plus, Jess sometimes reaches out personally if she hasn't heard from you in awhile. 

Ready to Master those Fucking Little Tasks?

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